Biological dentistry


Our medical specialty in biological dentistry is to eliminate what is interfering with your body's regulation and therefore weakening your self-healing powers. Over the years, this can result in severe chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, mental illness, autoimmune diseases and even cancer. We support you in feeling more energetic, more powerful and better overall.


Step by step towards health with our

All-In-One Concept


Interference field remediation

The oral cavity is one of the areas of the body that is most affected by interference fields. Interference field means that an inflammatory process in the oral cavity causes an unwanted reaction elsewhere in the body. Therefore, all dead, root-treated teeth and inflammations should be removed out of your mouth. To detect such interference fields, we use the most modern diagnostic measures.

Ceramic implants

Metal-free all-ceramic implants made of zirconium oxide replace missing teeth - if necessary and desired. Ceramic implants are metal-free and highly aesthetic due to their white color. Unlike gray titanium, which can cause toxic and allergic reactions in the body, ceramic implants are 100% biocompatible.


NICO stands for neuralgia-inducing cavity-forming bone necrosis. This refers to a chronic, because undetected, inflammation of the jawbone. NICOs often occur where teeth have been removed and the wounds have not been able to heal optimally.

Metal restoration

All non-biological or non-neutral materials, such as amalgam fillings, will be removed with maximum protective precautions and replaced with highly biocompatible materials such as ceramics.

Functional measures

30 years of experience in the treatment of functional temporomandibular joint disorders enable us to treat your complaints optimally - e.g. by bite elevations/shifts or metal-free orthodontics.

Biological aesthetics

At the D-TOX Dental Center, we consider aesthetics to be the culmination of a biological health concept for the teeth and oral cavity. With the help of modern methods, selected metal-free materials and high craftsmanship, we help you achieve a radiantly beautiful and biologically healthy smile.

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